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We Are A Mother And
Daughter-In-Law Team

They love all things vintage and together make gorgeous tablescapes. Marah brings the current trend knowledge for brides, being one herself, and Karen brings the design. She first found her passion for the design and bridal world by hosting her niece's bridal shower. Hauling a back seat full of china to Ohio, the idea of china rentals came to light. Since then, she knew that she would like to continue to bring brides' visions to life with beautifully curated china, goblets, and flatware. Together they carefully select items to grow their inventory to match any brides needs. They shop estate sales and antique stores all over the state of Michigan and Ohio.

The Vintage Dish is located 20 miles Northeast of Lansing in Laingsburg, Michigan.

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What is vintage tableware



Vintage china is timelessly classic styling that has a story to tell.  Our collection comes from all over the world, Germany, France, Austria, Japan, and from homes like yours and mine!  We have been graciously given many pieces from grandparents who know that newly wedded couples will celebrate upon their china.  The past moments and memories should be revered, not thrown away!

Vintage means different things to different people.  Our vintage means fine china, goblets, and silverware that are in pristine condition.  However you envision it, we can bring it to life.  We will take your vision of your special day and enhance it using specially curated pieces from our collection.


Unearthing items that were loved in a past life

Dinner Plates

Luncheon Plates

Dessert Plates

Dessert Cups

Fruit Bowls





And More!

Salad Forks

Dinner Forks



Tea Cups

Tea Saucers

Tea Pots


We are an Eco-Friendly Wedding China Vendor

avenue, trees, away
The best part of being an eco-friendly vendor is giving YOU the opportunity to give a second life to things that may otherwise have been tossed out or left to collect dust.

Let’s be honest. A lot of waste is produced when over 100 people are eating and drinking together for
an entire evening. Although this isn’t entirely avoidable, with planning ahead we can help reduce our
negative impact on the environment. The easiest way to avoid producing more waste than necessary is
to avoid disposable materials when we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most caters will be more than willing to work with you on the responsibility of clearing the dishes. Some clients have assigned that job to friends!

Who’s washing the dishes? We are! This is part of our services. We do ask you to return our items free of food product, then placing the dishes in the boxes we provided.

We are extremely concerned about the sanitation of our tableware. Dishwashers are used when allowed to clean and sanitize. When not, we pre-soak plates with an antibacterial non-toxic detergent. Once cleaned, dishes are stored in bubble wrap and ready for their next get together.

Accidents happen! Please let everyone involved know that china needs to be handled with care. If any pieces are broken, severely damaged, or missing upon return, you will be charged 3-4X the rental cost.

All of our vintage china and goblets are inspected before and after an event. The pieces do not have stains, chips, cracks, or nicks. The silverware is freshly polished and water stain free. Our china is given the upmost of care.

Our collection is based on mismatched pieces therefore we can’t promise specific pieces. However, we can discuss your taste, color palette, theme, style etc. to guide our handpicked collection for you.

This is our favorite part of our jobs! We can set the china for you for a small additional cost. Some brides had family members who wanted to set the tables, and they did a fantastic job! Each event is different… catering may be preparing the dish in the back and serving each guest. In those cases, there is no additional cost to you.

Yes and no! Based on the location of your event, there may be a fee for delivery. To be accommodating to all clients, we will keep delivery charges at a reasonable rate.

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